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Session 1: Entering the Spider’s Web

The Campaign started off when the PC’s entered the city of Altdorf through the long and twisting canal system flowing through the River Riek. They entered at night on a row boat having paid for passage into Altdorf. Somewhere down the canal they were confronted by two guards who demanded ear and beard tax. After much “negotiation” and a few tricks the party got through to the docks unscathed (and maybe short a few shillings)

After docking the party stopped at a tavern known as the Floating Boat. Once inside they settled down and got drunk and a bit crazy. Eventually things got so bad they were thrown out of the tavern and by the guards no less.

The party annoyed the guards so much they had to spend the night in jail. In which time they began to annoy each other. So after exiting jail and paying a fine to get their weapons back the party went their separate ways (or so they thought.)

One of the PCs: Zenith in particular attempted to join a thieves guild. So he began his sweep of the various stalls and shops on the look out for fellow pickpockets.

Meanwhile, Durak went back to the Floating Boat and apologized to the owner while at the same time telling him an interesting story of his past and meeting the owner of a jewelery shop named Odis. Odis asked Durak to drop by the jewelry shop later.

After leaving the Floating Boat Durak met a thug who tried to mug him and take his money. Durak managed to push the thug into the canal and noticed that the thug had dropped a golden medallion.

Zenith showed up a short while later and talked to the humiliated thug who was now soaking wet in the canal. Hearing the conversation from around an alley way Durak placed the golden medallion on the ground for Zenith to pick up and proceeded to go to the local city watch post.

The thug told Zenith that if he got the golden maddilion back he could join the guild which was called the [[Spider-Fang Syndicate]] Zenith found the medallion conveniently placed in a nearby alley way.

After securing the medallion Zenith was told to meet a thief at a local theater. Durak, having head most of the conversation went to the watch and told them where the thieves were to meet. So the stage was set (literally) and so Zenith met a thief shortly before the guards arrived and all hell broke loose.

After a few crossbow bolts were fired the mysterious thief led Zenith down to an underground tunnel network hidden beneath the theater that served as a base of operations for the [[Spider-Fang Syndicate]]. The tunnels led to an underground thieves bar called Ranald’s Basement.

Zenith was introduced to one of the local heads of the Spider-Fang Syndicate by the name of Tera who gave him his first mission and a glass of wine. She gave Zenith the advice that he had best avoid poison wine (although the wine was not truly poison this freaked him out all the same.) She told Zenith that his first assignment as a thief as a thief of the spider-fang syndicate was to contact a merchant who wanted to make a deal with the guild.


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